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Make Your Wedding Unique To You

When I have conversations with wedding couples¬†I will always try and make their special day as personal as possible. To me every wedding should be different because every couple is unique. No two weddings are the same and no I don’t play the same music at every wedding as that would be extremely boring.

Paul and Hannah who had seen me at a previous wedding had already planned their day wanting it to be quite laid back but with lot’s of fun bits for everybody to talk about. It was held at Lychett Minster School and you will see plenty of photos on the FB page including the excellent video that was created by the Best Man Steve as part of his wedding speech. The wedding was Dinosaur themed especially for the children including a request if I could do some Dinosaur Balloon models which was a first for me. There were lots of special touches including a ” Bake Off ” style fun cake competition.

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It was a memorable day with lots of laughter and yes my first attempts at balloon modelling went down very well with the little ones.


Hi Richard and Cheryl.

Please find our responses below.

But in addition we wanted to express the many compliments from our guests about the attention to detail for the requested (and somewhat obscure) jazz requests during the afternoon tea, the professional approach and flexibility towards our own individual and slightly crazy style! Hannah loved that it sounded like her own playlist. So much so that personal musical memories between people made for extra moments of happiness.

We chose PARTY NIGHTS OUT because you provided a clear description of what was included, the price was in our budget, and when we met Richard he was enthusiastic about our slightly wacky ideas and was keen to embrace our personal style and theme.

In addition we also had the benefit of a personal recommendation from my best man Steve. Richard was smart and professional throughout. He’s also a funny guy but not as funny as me and Steve!!!
Thank you for learning to make balloon dinosaurs!!
In particular I noticed (as was discussed), a relaxed attitude towards having an ebb and flow onto the dance floor and acceptance that it would be full and then empty.

Encouragement in leading a few dances was great and balanced in equal measure by quiet discretion.

I was impressed with Richard’s ability to announce the various things that we wanted people to participate in. Especially the background music for the Bake Off!

Richard was top notch from start to finish and cleared away promptly too which was noticed and appreciated.

Our day was perfect and thank you for being central to its success.

Paul and Hannah